We believe deeply in helping  ‘make the unconscious conscious.’ To fulfill this purpose we offer programs and products which allow you to embark on a journey of conscious living and leading.  Our unique methodology is highly visual, integrating both right and left-brain thinking, Western psychology and Eastern philosophy for a balanced approach to the development of human potential.  We integrate a variety of techniques into our solutions which are practical and intuitive, creative and results-driven, visually engaging and thought-provoking, and mind-body oriented.

How are we different?

Many consulting companies use typology based systems.  We use the concept of relationships and systems in order to help people suspend judgment and to create cohesion.  Our approach helps clients see the bigger picture, the impact of one area of their life (or of the organization) upon the other and to work through the patterns and defenses which keep them stuck in unhealthy cycles.  The quotation from author and leadership consultant Margaret Wheatley, a systems thinker, beautifully illustrates the reason for our approach and the danger of using typology-based systems:

“If fragmentation and separation are the problem, how is it possible that our uniqueness could bring us back together?  It seems that everywhere we use diversity to further separate from one another.  We are organizing against each other, using ethnicity, gender, tightly-bound identities.  Even when we aren’t warring with each other, we increasingly define ourselves by labels.  We stick labels on ourselves, we ask others what theirs are. (Are you a Leo? An ENTJ? An A type personality? A theory Y leader?)  We assume we know each other the moment we hear the label.  As we become busier, with less time to sit and talk to each other, we increasingly reach for these short-hand identifiers. The result is that we know less about each other, but assume we know more.”

Who are our ideal clients?

We like to partner with clients who believe in the importance of relationships, who are not looking for quick fixes, band-aid solutions or meeting certain HR quotas.  We want to work with people and organizations who truly want to make a difference in the world and are even willing to try unconventional methods which may confront their own beliefs and world views.  In other words, we want to work with courageous clients, those willing to open up to a new way of seeing  themselves, their relationships, their organizations and  society.  We focus our time and energy on the clients who meet us half way, who can suspend judgment long enough to see a new future, who dream with us while at the same time sweat through all of the day-to-day challenges which arise when a system is forced to look in the mirror and make necessary changes for its health and growth.

What programs do we offer?

For organizations we offer two standard programs which incorporate the use of our own psychometric system: Conscious Living and Leading – a program for leaders within organizations who seek support with stress management, deeper awareness about their behavior and patterns, lifestyle recommendations which help to create balance and authenticity, and follow-up executive coaching to support integration of new learning into life and leadership. 2. Conscious Teamwork – a program for all types of teams within organizations which are at any stage of their development.  It is designed to create cohesion, improve communication, restore balance and improve performance through an increased awareness of deeper patterns and defenses.  This is accomplished by using our own unique model and psychometric which helps the team visualize the issues and challenges beneath the surface.  In addition to our standard programs, we also offer customized solutions which focus on the development of human potential in organizations.

If you are a manager or leader, HR Partner, or Learning and Development consultant, you will benefit from inviting us for an initial, free consultation.  We do our homework – and provide you with our initial assessment which helps you see your organization, team, or department in a completely different way.  Performing a culture-scan, and placing this in the context of our model, we reveal the points of potential in your organization and help you see how the health of the whole system can be improved – which has a huge consequence for the bottom line.

For counselors, professional coaches, psychologists, or consultants who would like to support clients with new and engaging ways of conscious living and leading, we offer accreditation programs approved through ICF (International Coach Federation).

Our large network of trained professionals are available to service locations throughout the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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